Hannes Arvid Andersson – Sculptural VideoReWorks
Frank Mohr Institute | Media-Art Design & Technology

Is there an essence to being human? What does it mean to be a machine? Swedish-born and Netherlands-based multi-media artist and researcher Hannes Arvid Andersson examines these questions in his video works. He uses critical poetics (po[e]litics) and applied science fiction to explore the narrative effect of aesthetics and to interrogate the ins and outs of the multiverse.

Recent developments in computational technology show one thing for certain: digital minds are vastly superior over biological minds when it comes to processing vast sets of data. Subsequently, whatever it means to be human is always and forever changing. If a true AI would awaken, capable of processing ánd actually comprehending all this data, how would humanity appear in the digital eyes of this alien other? And what does the new digital world look like for us humans?

2018 Nominated for The George Verbergstipendium. Awarded by the municipality of Groningen.
2017 Nominated to BLINK Young Blood Award.
2015 Music video “Repress Play” nominated for best music video in “Skepto International Film Festival”, Cagliari, Italy.
2015 Interactive Installation “Sysiphus 2.0” Nominated in the category of “Best Micro Mapping” in the “International Mapping Competition of Girona / FIMG2015” .
2014 Selected Artist for Bologna in the EU Culture Programme “Performigrations, People Are the Territory”. European Commission / Alma Mater Studiorum – Universita Di Bologna, Bologna, Italy.