Manifestations: Will the Future Design Us?

Manifestations is initiated and organized by Art and Technology Foundation, whose mission it is to promote a healthy development of technology with a strong focus on people and society. The foundation is committed to a world in which people and sectors can better understand each other. By bursting the “art bubble”, the Foundation makes art and technology more accessible to the public. One of the events that succeeds in doing so is the event Manifestations.


Technology enables us to create new and ingenious things. However, ignorance about and unfamiliarity with technological progress makes people anxious and uncomfortable. Art and Technology Foundation adresses this “technological Illiteracy” by offering the public the chance to gain a better understanding of the issues at hand. The vision of the Art and Technology Foundation is that people can learn to be more critical about technology, and will therefore be able to make better choices. On the one hand, the Foundation wishes to contribute to this aim by waking people up from this ignorance and leading the way towards a digital activism movement. On the other hand, the Foundation questions the role of technology in present-day society in a variety of ways. Together, we want a movement in motion, put people in touch with technology, raise awareness and offer more knowledge.


The founder and initiator of the Art and Technology Foundation is Viola van Alphen. She works as a curator under the moniker ViolaVirus and is known for her many projects in the field of Art&Tech. The organization was created to enable research in the fields of multimedia art with a strong focus on innovation and technology. The Foundation fulfills its mission by organizing exhibitions, offering artistic guidance and promotion of artists, and supervision of various art forms. Since 2016, the Art and Technology Foundation organizes the festival Manifestations in Eindhoven.