Which day should I go?

All days are fun! We are open daily between 11am – 6pm. The weekends are the busiest, during the week there are many schools-tours and some artists also visit shortly other exhibitions to have a look. The second weekend it is the most crowded and waiting lines can arise between 2 and 5 pm. The artists are still the “freshest” the first weekend. And especially share your businesscard, or research how you can help each other.
Press: you should visit Tuesday 4pm for the Young Talent Award Ceremony.

How much is it?

Free! But voluntary donation always welcome.

But you get lots of money from the art funds?

Art funds are often 6x over asked, we have now applied for a relatively low amount per fund, in order to qualify for something. These contributions are not covering. We therefore ask for instance a small contribution for a student tour. That is fun to do: you will be guided through the exhibition.
In addition: it is also good to support the artists and art initiatives, in America they do this more than here: it is tax-deductible (cultural anbi: if you donate your profits, you get 50% of the Tax Department). Moreover, we all need inspiration and culture. What else do we have? Sunday shopping and commercial television? If you already have everything in-the-house-you-need, feel free to make a donation to an artist individually, to adopt hem or her as Angel, or to support the foundation. This can be done on location or via www.violavirus.nl/anbi
The world has an imbalance between technology developing commercially, and technology which develops with the aim of a better world, one with “sweeter, more human technology” aka TECH FOR GOOD, the latter we stimulate.

Can I take photos?

Yes, share them online and tag us. With really good cameras (or new phones) we would like to ask to share daily via WeTransfer to organisatie [at] manifestations.nl and on your facebook / instagram, without logos on the pictures, but we mention the credits, for non-profit use.

Can I get in with a help-dog or wheelchair?

Ofcourse! You could take the wheelchair elevator at the back of the building (big road – side), at the DDW INFO desk on the small square next to the VEEM, they know more!

I see a mistake on the website or I do not agree with it.

Good! Let us know that and we fix it: organisatie [at] manifestations.nl
Maybe you even want to sign up as a volunteer? This way we can prevent more mistakes;)