Manifestations distinguishes itself from other organizations, institutes and events by presenting international media art of high quality and social impact. This is the reason why we provide our sponsors the opportunity to reach an exceptionally broad and diverse audience.

It is more accessible than other exhibitions in the field of art and technology, partly because it is fun and its degree of “surprise” which are paramount for us. On previous editions of Manifestations, we have shown our visitors that art isn’t hard to understand and we learned that art & tech are for everyone.

Manifestations is for everyone

Manifestations distinguish itself from others through a motive of activism, digital activism.
The festival is organized from the strong desire for a beautiful and clear world in which humans and society comes first. These factors play an active role as the centre or the festival, every artwork allows visitors’ participation and interaction. Finally, Manifestations wants to remain agile to be able to follow and present the most updated development. This makes Manifestations an innovative event every year.

Are you interested in taking part in the future?
Reach out via Natasja van der Velden: organisatie [at]