Manifestations 2018: Is technology your ideal boyfriend or a dominant creep?

From seductive and challenging, vulnerable or rather a bit bossy, and from caring to clumsy: during the DDW Manifestations will show the most human side of technology.

The Veemgebouw in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will be the center point of art, design and innovative technology from October 20th to 28th. Technological innovations sometimes fit like a glove, but can also be confrontational, problematic or unreliable. And we as humans are in turn shaped by all those new technologies.

That is something to reflect on for a moment, according to curator Viola van Alphen. “Nicer, more human technology is in all our interests – innovations that everyone benefits from, young or old, male or female, rich or poor.” She selected works from over 50 mostly young, recently graduated artists who shine a light the exciting interaction between human beings and technology in surprising ways. Discover a collection of designer tongues for instance that let you speak all the languages in the world, clothes that grow themselves from natural crystals, a comfort-bot, the handbag of the future, clothing that gives you an extra sense, teasing Artificial Intelligence and much more ‘unbelievable’ technological reality.

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Manifestations is a production of ViolaVirus, MAD emergent art center.
Thanks to City of Eindhoven, Mondriaanfund, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, High Tech Campus, and many others

Location and opening times:

Veemgebouw, 9th floor (entrance on the side)
Torenallee 100
5617 BE Eindhoven
20 t/m 28 October, daily from 11:00 to 18:00
Accessible for wheelchairs: special elevator in the back of the building. Kids program.



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For more information Viola van Alphen pers [at], 06 2090 2632

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Manifestations At DDW Again
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Dutch Design Week (DDW) is just over a month away. One of the exhibitions, Manifestations 2018, will delve into the relationship between man and technology. From 20 to 28 October, during the 17th edition of DDW, the Veemgebouw in Strijp S, Eindhoven, will host this exhibition.

Humans and technology are becoming inextricably linked to each other in an increasing number of ways. We use it in our homes, our means of communication, and sometimes, even our bodies. There is no denying that we, as humans, are shaped by the technology we develop. What role do we want technology to play? This is what Manifestations will represent. Here, works from more than 50 artists and designers will be on show. The ‘matches’ and ‘mismatches’ between humankind and technology will be displayed.

The Future: We are in it together
Manifestations does not showcase the latest technological gadgets. Artists whose works will be displayed here, explore the interconnection between people and technology. For example, one of the displays is entitled ‘The Parasitic Humanity’. Here, garments of self-growing crystals show how artificial and natural materials react to each other, their environment, and those who wear them.

Manifestations curator, Viola van Alphen, believes technology should be nicer and more humane. “During Manifestations, we will look at technology, and the influence it has on us, from various perspectives. Tech experts, artists, designers, but, in particular visitors, can come face-to-face with the latest high-tech innovations”, she explains. The works being displayed this year are all characterized by a human dimension. Viola says, “Together, we can decide what this ‘human dimension’ actually means.”

Lots to see and do
After two successful editions, Manifestations will, once again, fill the 9th floor of the Veemgebouw with robots, e-fashion and wearables, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. The best works of recently graduated Dutch art academy students will be displayed under the ‘Young Talents’ banner. There will be a futuristic handbag, 3D printed clothes, and so much more. There will also be workshops for children, lectures, performances, and meet-ups.



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