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Have you ever thought it is possible to design your own career? To create new visions for yourself and ways to achieve your full potential?   

Career development is like designing, you can shape things following your own visions, use your creativity to develop new windows of opportunities. Following your own ideas and your own mind. Every stage of your career has new challenges and I believe it is possible to design our careers and achieve our full potential in every way possible. This is where design meets career development.

And this is why I host the Career Connection Café at Manifestations on Tuesday, October 23. In a nice and informal setting, I want to help you to design your own career and create new and challenging opportunities for yourself. This Café will be in the spirit of discovering chances, seeing chances and daring to take them.

Design your own career

The program on this day:

11:00 – 12:00 – Workshop – Design your own career
Start designing your career while using designer methods. Grab a pencil, a pen, a marker or make a moodboard and start designing your own career. I will help you to get going with some teasing questions and support you with some reflections to support you in designing your own career.  

12:30 – 13:30 – Lunch Break out session: REFLECT TO REVISE
While working hard to live up to all the demands of your current job, it is a struggle to think about strategic next steps which will support your career desires and goals. Or to even take a moment to think about them. This is your moment to get out of the daily routine and break out! This session will challenge you to reflect deeply on your career and open up new visions and ideas to design your own career. Surprise yourself, take a moment to reflect and get ready to revise!  

14:00 – 15:00 – Workshop – Kickstart your career – all you need to know about applying in NL
Turn your job search frustration into success by using a different strategy to ace the job you desire. Your job search is not about getting any job, it is about the best job ever. While living abroad it can be a struggle to adjust to the common practices in the Dutch labour market. Let me be your Dutch Anchor during this hour and support you with a strategy which will give you energy instead of losing it.

We have limited seats, please register for one of the workshops here :  

In between and after the workshops you can drop by for a short consultation about:

  • The ways career consulting can help you accelerate your career
  • How you can create new opportunities in every stage of your career
  • Get tips & tricks on how to turn your job search frustration into success.

The Career Connection Café is open for everyone. The workshop will be conducted in English. Of course, I can serve you in Dutch as well. Career Connection Café is open between 11:00 and 18:00 hrs. You can recognize us by the Career Connection Banner in the workshop space. 

About Mariëlle
Mariëlle Obels is a self-made Career Architect/Coach. Her expertise lies in counselling and providing guidance in which steps need to be taken to achieve a professional goal. Expect an enriching workshop provided by her! Find out more:

Meet me during the Dutch Design week at Manifestations and start designing your own career.



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