Hier komen binnenkort andere expo’s te staan

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1. Fashion? Future design for the present | Fashion? Future design for the present – Campina area (Eindhoven Oost)

“Fashion pretends to be a field of innovation and the new, but the materials and production methods have hardly developed since the Industrial Revolution. Fashion and clothing could be so much more; it is the piece of technology we keep closest to our skin, and with which we have the most intimate relationship” – By-Wire.


2. CRAFTECH Project | CRAFTECH Project  – Design Perron (vlakbij Centaal Station)

“This exhibition is composed of multiple interactive pieces which invite the audience to experience and rediscover the beauty and novel function of traditional making technique from Japan, when met with new ideas and modern technology”.


3. STRP presents 4D Graffiti Invasions by AUJIK – Strijp-S bus stop

Next level street art in 4D at Strijp-S. STRP and Emoves together launch the world première of this moving, fluid graffiti in 4D, designed by AUJIK. Walking through Strijp-S, you experience a spectacular virtual layer that falls over the physical surroundings. Graffiti in augmented reality can pop up anywhere and disappear again, but it gets really exciting when the graffiti comes to life. Download the 4D graffiti invasions app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow the tutorial. More info? Check www.strp.nl/4D: https://www.ddw.nl/en/programme/386/4d-graffiti-invasions

4. STRP presents: Next Space Rebels van Floris Kaayk –  Campina terrein

5. VPRO Medialab – Home Smart Home – Albert van Abbehuis (Centrum)
Everyday devices, such as a TV, a fridge, the thermostat, an alarm clock, are being increasingly linked to the internet. They are then referred to as smart or connected devices. You can adjust the lighting in your house using an app and order your groceries using a digital home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Your habits are recorded and devices are better able to judge your needs so that you have to make fewer decisions yourself. At the same time, they save your data and sell it on to large companies. >>Read more

6The New Newsroom Reporting Redesigned – MU – Strijp-S

News apps, videos, podcasts, Twitter feeds, VR: we’ve come a long way since the days of the town crier or the printed press. Submerged in media, we have numerous ways to generate and share stories – literally at our fingertips. So how can we use the power of digital technology, big data, artificial intelligence and social media to create exciting, meaningful content? And how do we engage with the news on a personal level? >>Read more



7.  Cybernetic Forest – BioArt Laboratories
Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories. A repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest where the first and only off-grid location of Eindhoven is achieved. At this location, the future is presented: a future in which technology and nature are merged into a symbiotic life form. In 2018, BioArt Laboratories presents to you her Cybernetic Forest. >>Read more

8. Shape Shifters – Modebelofte / New Order of Fashion – Warehouse of Innovation (Centrum)

The magical concept of shapeshifting must be deeply ingrained into our psyche, as it is a popular theme in myths and fairy tales, in shamanism and witchcraft, in religious texts and science fiction, in the arts and culminating in our modern ‘makeability’ cultus. >>Read more

9.  Het Bureau – De Bank  (Centrum Eindhoven)

During Dutch Design Week, cultural experiment De Bank hosts 20 designers on it’s first floor to be part of ‘het bureau’ An exhibition reclaiming the old office spaces of the building and turning them into a interesting composition. Works of Studio Josha, &LOTTE, Jianda Hau and many more will take their place in ‘het bureau’The exhibition is designed by Fraser Mcphee. >>Read more

10. ArtEZ – Product Design + Interaction Design – TAC (tussen Centrum en Strijp-S)

Presentation of the 2018 Alumni Graduation Show + Lectures by Participants & Guest Experts.

11. De wet van behoud van creativiteit – De Ontdekfabriek – Strijp S

Ontdek de expositie van De Wet op Behoud van Creativiteit samen met je kinderen. Deze expositie, die mogelijk is gemaakt door Provincie Noord-Brabant is gratis. Als je in De Ontdekfabriek aan de slag wilt met creatieve workshops kan dat ook. Reserveren is ook daarvoor niet nodig, maar toegang tot de activiteiten en workshops van De Ontdekfabriek is wel tegen betaling. >>Read more

12. FRANKENSTEIN EXHIBITION – IT’S ALIVE! AI and Robotics – Baltan Laboraties (Strijp S)


13. ROBOT LOVE – Campina area

ROBOT LOVE is an interactive exhibition about the love between humans and robots. In ROBOT LOVE, more than 50 artists, designers and scientists ask you whether robots are capable of love. And whether you could love them. Walk through the Campina Milk Factory and discover what you really feel and think about the influence technique and science have on our society. With among others robots, artificial intelligence (AI), installations, short films, workshops, children’s workshops, symposia, lectures, meetings, shows and Q&A. >>Read more

14. Duurzame Kost – Sustainable Urban Farming – VEEM verdieping 5 (Strijp-S)