Tim Dekkers – The Parasitic Humanity
HKU | Fashion Design

“Mankind is a parasite of the earth”, says Tim Dekkers. “We need the earth to live on but at the same time we also destroy her. If we can’t change our behaviour and our desire to consume, can we learn to see the beauty of our actions?”

On the one hand, these garments made from crystals show repetition and symmetry. These characteristics reflect mankind’s control over its surroundings. On the other hand, we recognize more abstract lines and structures, reflecting nature and its ways of being. The model is practically covered and overgrown by mankind’s excesses while still, in some small measure, under control of human influence.

Tim Dekkers did an internship at Jólan van der Wiel collaborating with Iris van Herpen.
Exhibitions and awards: Nomination – HKU Award Vernieuwing, De Bijenkorf – Mode van de toekomst – Fragile Mind, Femke de Vries – Dictionary Dressing – Muts.