Elzelinde van Doleweerd – UPPRINTING FOOD
Eindhoven University of Technology | Industrial Design

3D food printing is still in the early stages of development. The UPPRINTING FOOD project, however, takes the possibilities of this technology to a next level. Elzelinde van Doleweerd doesn’t just use the 3D printer to create beautiful food items; her 3D printed edible creations are solely made out of food surpluses that would otherwise go to waste. The list of ingredients includes stale bread, the leafy green parts of leeks and bananas with their peels. This project proposes an innovative edible food concept and raises awareness about issues about food waste and sustainability.


  • Photo 1: Vita Broeken
  • Photo 2: Elzelinde van Doleweerd
  • Photo 3: Bart van Overbeeke
  • elzelinde.com www.elzelinde.com