Nicole Spit – NeoBio: A vision of the future influence of biotech on product design.
Design Studio Dáárheen

NeoBio is an exciting vision of the future influence of biotechnology on product design. Developments in biotechnology will have far-reaching effects in the near future. Especially synthetic biotechnology, in which DNA is manipulated and modified, raises many questions.

Already, we are able to print organs, replace DNA of one animal with DNA of another, create glow-in-the-dark cats and turn certain genes on or off on demand. Large tech companies make huge investments in biotech. Where is this technology leading us? Do we have the answers to the ethical questions this technology will spring on us? Where will good old nature end and a tech-dominated future begin?

Nominated ‘PRIMER18’. PRIMER18 San Francisco Bay Area (Conference for Design, Strategy & Future, organized by Design Futures)